About Us


Art has always enhanced my life, it allows me to relax, it makes me happy, and it allows me to appreciate my surroundings. I never appreciated the majesty and beauty of nature until I tried to paint and capture a moment in time. Sunsets now are more vivid, the leaves of a tree are more defined and  I live a more fulfilling life surrounded by colour and the beauty that surrounds me. I also discovered that what gives me just as much pleasure as painting is teaching my passion to eager and excited students. The look of pride and accomplishment in my students' faces gives me a sense of fulfillment. Building confidence and self esteem
is not only achieved by building academics and sports,  it is also achieved through Art. I teach all ages of students from 6-adults and I see the same feelings emerge once they complete a masterpiece; pride, and accomplishment.  They feel they that they can try something else with more confidence.  The Royal Academy has given me the opportunity to continue on my journey as an artist and teacher, and for that I am very grateful.